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Back Pain


You are not suffering alone...

Millions of people just like you are in pain and are searching for relief!

Low back pain (LBP) has become one of the most significant medical problems in the United States today.

The latest statistic on back pain and sciatica (numbness, tingling, and pain radiating down the leg) show that LBP is affecting Americans in overwhelming numbers.

Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints during primary care office visits and statistics show that low back pain is one of the most common complaints presented to workers compensation.

Even though healthcare in the U.S. is widely regarded as the best in the world, the number of chronic back pain cases continues to grow each day and patient dissatisfaction with current treatments has rarely been more acute.

Many have turned to medication to cover up the pain and have given up on finding a real solution.

Others have turned to back surgery out of desperation, sometimes ending up with less mobility and staggering hospital bills.

Many others are confused by the conflicting reports of quick fixes, gimmicks, and miracle cures, so they don't do anything about their pain, leaving it to worsen over time, causing progressive damage.

Because the back is designed to be used, it will deteriorate without adequate mobility, much like an unused muscle can weaken and atrophy.

If you are like many who suffer from chronic back pain, you have probably tried several prescribed remedies to help ease your discomfort: frequent bed rest, high doses of pain medication, manipulation, flexion-extension or acupuncture.

Like so many, you may have come to accept the fact that you just have to learn to live with your pain.

Perhaps you are seriously considering surgery or you have had surgery, yet your pain persists.

Treating Low Back Pain With Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment for low back pain is usually pretty straightforward.

Most commonly, it's simply a matter of adjusting the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis to re-establish normal motion and position of your bones and joints.

Chiropractic for the low back has been repeatedly shown to be the most effective treatment for low back pain.

In fact, major studies have shown that chiropractic care is more effective, cheaper and has better long-term outcomes than any other treatment. This makes sense because chiropractic care is the only method of treatment that serves to re-establish normal vertebral motion and position in the spine.

All other treatments such as muscle relaxants, pain killers and bed rest, only serve to decrease the symptoms of the problem and do not correct the problem itself.

How to get started-

Contact our office at (651) 257-DISC to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Virga to determine your individual situation. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, Dr. Virga will sit down and explain his or her recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care.

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