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Floating Decompression



How Does Floating Decompression Work?

Floating Decompression is a patented medical technology that gently and naturally stretches the spine and decompresses the spinal discs.

Floating Decompression is the only advanced technology in the decompression industry in 20 years.

Because of collaboration with both U.S. and foreign design engineers, Lordex Medical has developed the most accurate, precise and effective procedure to treat non specific low back pain.

Floating Decompression eliminates the exact gravitational pressure without exceeding or over stretching the patient's damaged or irritated area.

Floating Decompression unloads pressure on the nerves, blood vessels and bones.

As fluids are drawn back into the surrounding area of the damaged disc, nutrients, blood and healing substances help reconstitute and heal the damaged disc.

For over 2,000 years, man has recognized that standing upright produces unavoidable gravitational forces on the human body.

Intuitively, reversing the downward force of the upper torso on the lower body to relieve pressure seems logical.

The most safe and effective method of this pressure elimination is to restrain the upper torso in a fixed position while comfortably suspending the lower trunk.

By making the person's torso stationary and suspending the lower body by gravity, the effect becomes one of "Floating Decompression."

This natural tractive force provides reduction in pressure on the soft tissues, bones, blood vessels and intervertebral (between the vertebrae) structures.

With the Floating Decompression System, the unloading never exceeds the natural suspended body weight and does not apply any direct pulling force on the lower extremity.

In effect, the patient simply "floats".

Additionally, mobilization and stretching exercises can be performed at the same time as the patient is being decompressed.

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