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Strength Restoration Therapy


The Strength Restoration Therapy Program is different from other programs that use floor exercises, rubber tubing, or exercise balls. It is based upon years of research that ensures it is not only effective, but safe as well. Strengthening these stabilizing muscles of the spine is extremely important because this significantly reduces the likelihood of your pain coming back.


In order to relieve most back or neck pain, the health of the disc must be improved so it no longer puts pressure on the surrounding nerves. As that is being done, our Strength Restoration Therapy Program will improve the stability of the spine and prevent a relapse.



One of the newest and biggest developments in chiropractic care is called "Chiropractic Rehab."

Chiropractic Rehab is taking chiropractic care to the next level when it comes to pain relief and stabilization.

It combines modern chiropractic techniques with effective, progressive rehabilitation therapies.

Chiropractic Rehab is an improvement in treatment that is designed to get you feeling better again and maintain the health you've achieved.

When it's medically appropriate, your plan of care will include both a chiropractic adjustment (or spinal decompression) and then Chiropractic Rehab to "cement" the adjustment in place.

It's typically not enough just to do an adjustment. The surrounding muscle and tissue must be "rehabilitated" to support the spine and the adjustment. A customized therapy plan will be designed for you by Dr. Virga.

The proper combination of the chiropractic adjustment and Chiropractic Rehab can increase the effectiveness of your correction and help to prevent relapses. This is because, in addition to skeletal misalignments, the muscle and connective tissues surrounding and supporting the bone can be strained or out of place as a result of misuse and poor skeletal alignment.

Specially designed exercises, stretches and other therapeutic procedures can help your body stay in balance and on the road to pain-free, healthy living.


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