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Success Stories



Kim's back pain progressed after having her 2nd child,
whom she couldn't even play with.




Keith's back pain caused him to lose confidence in his
ability to provide for his family.



See What Our Other Patients Say:

"For about four years, I have been dealing with lower back pain caused by a combination of scoliosis, compressed discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica and arthritis. This has made it difficult for me to walk any distance, climb stairs, or even do ordinary housework that involves standing and/or bending. I have tried the usual treatments.

Since I have been participating in the Diamond Disc Institute treatments, my pain is greatly deminished. I walk without limping and sleep with a very limited amount of discomfort. Without chronic pain, I have much less fatigue and have more energy for work and fun."

                                                         - Eunice A.


"I began having back problems in 8th grade while swinging a bat in a baseball game. Later, in high school and then in college the problem started affecting my ability to play hockey. While I was in high school I wore a cast and when I was at the U of M, I wore a corset in order to play hockey. Finally the problem became so bad that it affected by legs and without legs you can't play hockey.

The neck problem began in elementary school. I had severe stiff neck issues. Then in the 70's I had a couple of pinched nerves issues in the neck. Within the last few years, the neck and shoulder problem just became a chronic pain issue that I deal with on a daily basis.

I was given an opportunity to do a trial run of the Decompression Therapy Program. I felt a difference right away. The question was will it work long term amd si it worth the cost? After three sessions, the back and neck felt considerably better. I decided to go ahead with the proram. So far, it has been worth it. The back and neck feel more comfortable. There has not been as much aching in my legs. As of now, I feel it has been a good decision to go ahead with the program."


                                                        - Tim A.

"In about a week's time, Dr Virga and his staff took me from
debilitating back and left leg pain to being able to resume
playing racquetball- pain free! Not bad for a 74 year old."
                                                        - Dan J.


"You rock! I have seen you guys since I was 8. Your services
are amazing.The front desk ladies are awesome! I feel so loved
coming here. I have tried many other chiropractic clinics and
you guys are by far the best. I always feel great. You're amazing,
love you!"                                        - Courtney B.


"After suffering neck and back injuries from an auto collision,
I felt pain and muscle spasms that I had never experienced before.
I never thought that I would feel well again. The treatment I received
at Dr Virga's clinic was not only personally tailored to my injuries,
but it was provided in a very family friendly atmosphere. Now I am
able to function at a level I never thought possible."
                                                        - Holly C.

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